Ability to automatically segment subscribers in web push notifications

13 August 2020 By 0 Comments

Web push notifications segmentation is the sorting of potential customers into segmented groups with common needs. It is an extremely powerful tool that will make your push notifications highly relevant, valuable and targeted. Intelligently segmented push notifications will result in higher engagement rates and low unsubscribe rates. Our system is able to intelligently segment a market based on unique properties and key features and prioritize your target groups. It empowers you to categorize your customers based on events like location, device type, specific click, geography, interests, or absolutely howsoever you’d like to. You can then send notifications to particular segments.

In order to dive in the topic, we’ve tried to explore a number of tips that are worth considering for segmenting subscribers in web push notifications.

1- Location

Geo-targeting is a basic segmentation method that lets you target your message to a specific country. As one of the key factors, you had better segment your customers based on specific countries, state and even further city level details. It ensures that your message is geographically and culturally relevant and can help you create any Geo segments.


If you use a time-segmented approach, you do not have to worry about what the stock market did today or what it does this year. However, it necessitates to intelligently analyze the behavior of your website. This makes it easier to identify the correct fit for your business goals. On weekdays, especially during the day, subscribers usually stand in front of their laptop in the office. Send a targeted message to all users during the day as most of their subscribers may be present.

3- Device Type – Desktop vs. Mobile vs. Tablet

As with any other type of segmentation, it would be very valuable to segment users based on device type. Because different devices will offer different experiences to users. Therefore, you can send accordingly customized and personalized messages.

4- Web push notifications segmentation based on subscription page

You can also segment subscribers in web push notifications through their website behavior, the page URL from which they used to subscribe. These messages are often super personalized and deep link into a particular, contextual page of your app.. Because, it is segmentation on the basis of the activity of the user- both current and historical, on website and app. However, this is highly targeted, timely, and the easiest way to find out the intent of your user. It also makes it easier to identify the correct fit for your business goals and can bring the more benefits.


When it comes to engagement, we strongly recommend that you segment the web push notification with a reasonable approach. If you isolate a person from a particular website page by offering services from other areas, the engagement rate of your website will decrease. You had better segment web push notifications with offers aimed at all subscribers of your base.

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