Advantages Of Drip Marketing With Web Push Notifications

12 April 2019 By 0 Comments

Drip marketing with web push notifications is a set of automated communication messages that are sent to targeted subscribers. They are similar to drip irrigation and their upfront schedule for triggering a predefined action is a must. Drip marketing campaigns try to provide customers with the information they need, but not in abundance. It sends drips, better known as pre-written or automated alerts, to the customer, making them the aware or qualified lead over time.

If you’re interested in the advantages of drip marketing with web push notifications, keep reading.

1- Boosting the chance of interaction with subscribers

First and foremost, it initiates relevant messages that help users to take the next step. It allows you to remind your audience of the latest behavior on your platform, and prompts them to retrieve the link from where they’ve left. In fact, this leads to consistent communication, which is very pivotal. On the other hand, push notifications are not interrupted and remain silent until your target leads or customers want to read it. Also, it will not irritate your leads or customers from time to time when they receive them, as if it  is basically not annoying. Therefore, sending relevant notifications based on their behavior or purchase history can increase the likelihood of interaction.

2-  Increasing engagement

Drip push notifications are the most interactive features when it comes to user engagement. One reason why a drip campaign generates more revenue than other campaigns is to increase engagement. By proactively sending relevant messages to selected users, it enables you to do most of the work that is necessary for their interest.  A great drip campaign helps you to shorten the sales cycle and also removes unresponsive website visitors. Therefore, there will be no waste of time and energy during the contact.

On the other hand, drip notifications do not require constant attention. Although you still need to monitor and test them, but you do not have to spend a lot of time creating and sending notifications. This will give you more engagement in less time.

3- Boosting click rate

With drip push notifications, you can engage more subscribers, and that makes them curious. When users receive personalized notifications, they are sure to click on the notifications. That is to say, drip notifications enable users to send a notification to subscribers that fit targeted profiles. This will make them feel more personalized as if they provide a great user experience.

Having said that, any increase in CTR will especially present itself when you send a personalized set of welcome notifications. It increases the chances of subscriber engagement as subscribers receive notifications that are both relevant and respectful.

4-  Increasing revenue

With Drip Push notifications you can increase your revenue. It can engage prospects, promote leads, reward customers and more – all in the same drip campaign. By segmenting and reaching out to specific user groups, you can reach the right people and times. In addition, the integration of drip notification into multiple applications and solutions enhances the usability of the software. In this way, users can seamlessly transfer information from one program to another and get more information about their subscribers. This will convince them to browse your website in more detail. As a result,if you send them the next notification, you will be sure to add another loyal user to your list.

To Summary

Drip push notifications campaigns are essential for a personalized marketing strategy in order to guide your users to achieve their ultimate business objectives. They have always been a favorite of the marketers. Because, using these notifications, they can nurture their customers slightly each time, and convert them into a customer over time. They also empower marketers to automate and retarget user engagement campaigns without destroying creativity.

To do this, Notificup is the best platform you can use. It is a behavioral analytics and user engagement platform that enables customers to use push notifications to enhance engagement and retention. In this platform,  you can guide all your customers through a predefined set of steps with a notification curriculum, and consequently all users will have a consistent experience.