Advantages of Using Automated Web Push Notification

9 October 2019 By

Automated Web Push Notification is simply a push notification that is automatically sent via triggers based on specific criteria and is going to be triggered under predefined rules and data collected in real-time events. It’s another excellent way to drive traffic to your website by combining those actionable insights with the power of automation. On the other hand, managing messages is undeniably very difficult when there are thousands of users and running any type of marketing campaign takes time. Therefore, sending a false or irrelevant notification to such a large number of users can be catastrophic.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. – Bill Gates

The Automated Web Push Notifications add another layer of customization to a merchant’s push notification strategy by allowing them to schedule a customized message based on consumers’ behavior. Its feature helps you to avoid these errors and increase the satisfaction of your users. In one word, it empowers you to put your user engagement and retargeting campaigns on Autopilot.

In this post we will try to discuss some benefits of using automated push notifications:

Saving of time

Automation of Web Push Notifications provides you with professional messaging service for free, with no message limit.  When you create your account in our automation system, you will receive your own push account for notifications that will be sent to you free of charge. Therefore, you get effectively much more dynamic content for the same price. Additionally, since notifications are automatically triggered with user behavior, they are based on your scenario and template settings. So you do not have to spend more time writing notification content, and so on.

Ability to hyper personalizing

Using automated feature, you can not only personalize notifications with demographic parameters such as first name or salutation, but also with any dynamic parameters such as product name, product category, product image. In addition, as push notifications are triggered by user behavior, always the most relevant users receive it.

Boosting of efficiency

Our system automation feature identifies  the behavior of particular contacts from you database on your entire website. It tracks who visit your website and tracks their behavior. So, it empowers you to get access to unique knowledge about your prospect’s interests. That is to say, the unique data you collect with the system will help you boost your sales.Therefore, in automated push notifications, both click rates and conversion rates are quite high. These features together will surely have positive impact on users and will increase engagement rate.

Powerful delivery

The automated push notifications feature sends triggered push messages in the user’s time zone, collects messages per user over a period of time, and determines when the message should be delivered when the conditions are met. In addition, users worldwide can access your product.

Behavior based triggers using automated push notifications

It triggers messages based on when a user enters into or exits from a behavior based cohort, such as users who put an item in the cart in a specified interval but didn’t do a purchase.

Rich message content

Automated Web Push Notifications have the feature of rich notification. They empower you to add image and call to action buttons  to your push notifications. Also, you can include buttons to send your customers to the right place in your website using deep-links or any URL.

Convert inactive users to active users

By defining automated web push notifications in your website, you can reach your users who have not logged in or opened at specific intervals, and increase one of the key metrics, i.e. engagement.

Real-time marketing

By sending user notifications related to their current location and requirements, you will increase the chance to develop a relationship based on bidirectional communication.

Low cost

Practically, it is a low cost tool that can literally explode your sales.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to create automated web push notifications. Because, it gives you an invaluable insight into combined behavioral and transnational data, which will serve as input for automation. As a matter of fact, automated web push notifications by themselves are similar to several non-automated platforms. They empower you to effectively engage your users by industrializing repetitive tasks, reach users based on their real-time location.  As a result, they enhance user experience and communication across multiple channel. So, we don’t exaggerate if we call it ” Auto-magics”.  If you need more information click on Notificup , which prepares automatic push notifications with diverse capabilities. It allows you to set up any number of automation rules and create comprehensive automated marketing processes. It goes without saying that this will lead your prospects from the moment of acquisition to the point of purchase.