Advantages of using Emojis in Push Notifications

13 April 2019 By 0 Comments

Emojis in push notifications are small digital images or icons used to express an idea or emotion during electronic communication. They have become an essential part of your expression when we send text messages and studies show that they significantly increase the engagement rates.  In other words, emojis are the digital version of expressions used in a face to face conversation and are significantly more likely to influence mobile engagement and aid retention. They are great for conveying tones, facial expressions, and emotions.

Over the past decades, emojis have turned to become the fastest growing language over the globe and are sparking interest and engage users. They can quickly convey emotions for better engagement.

Raising CTR using emojis in push notifications

Push Notifications provide better CTR than other older messaging channels. However, sending push with Emojis can further boost the CTR of Push Notifications. Emojis offer instant communication and they can instantly form a connection with your brand. The main reason behind the superiority of emojis is their impacts on people. In fact, people love emojis because their decisions are more easily influenced by emoji’s rather than facts. So, seeing, e.g., little cartoon images can give pleasure to the user’s mind and make users click on them. Also, including Emoji’s can add visuals to push notifications which will be very attractive and visually appealing.

Furthermore, most of the time, people just look at the push notification and click on the cancel button. Including emoji’s can shorten the length of text and can express more words with one picture.

Increasing conversions

After opening the push notification, emojis can also have a direct impact on a call-to-action within an app. Creating explosive emoji in push notifications will personalize your message, increase its clarity, and even convey the emotion that is possible only with text! In addition, including emojis in push notifications can increase the number of users, with a clear and simple call to action. However, the relevance of the emojis used for your campaigns should match your focused plan.

Invoking emotions

Mostly, people just look at the push notification and click on the “Cancel” button. Including emojis can shorten the length of the text and express more words with a picture. They represent many things and easily influence people’s choices rather than facts. Because seeing emojis can be fun for users and cause users to click on it. Including emojis can also provide push notifications with visual cues that are very attractive and visually appealing.

Boosting push notification open rates using emojis

Push notifications containing emojis have a much higher rate than those without digital smileys and icons. This is a big step towards monetization, helping marketers to improve engagement with users and customers. Additionally these small, and visually attractive icons will save you space by cutting down on words.

Real-time engagement with customers

Customers use push notification to send your message in real time. By combining them with Emojis, they can help to convey emotions and personality. That is to say, if you send the right emojis to your audience via push messages, you can connect with the users on an emotional level. In fact, Emojis convey a lot more than words, especially when you’re not face-to-face with your audience. For the same reason, they can help marketers to promote engagement in real time and achieve tremendous exposure and long-term engagement with users.

In fact, the majority of internet users use emojis to send messages. Because images have more influence on people than plain-text. There is no doubt that Emojis reinforces customer engagement. They are fun and everyone can understand them and pictures are processed faster by users than texts. If you use your push notification messages properly, customers will re-scan the messages, which will increase the delivery rate.


In summary, in push notification messages, Emojis can give the first impression on the customer and help you achieve higher opening rates, more conversions, and more connections with your user. They enhance the enjoyment, personal interaction, and the perceived richness of information of your messages. They also empower you to personalize your promotions, increase the clarity of your message and convey emotions. Therefore, you should be smart enough to frame your push message to absorb user and not to make them go brainstorming as to what the emoji is referring to. You also must always try to make your message clear, and the emojis you use, and this should be relevant.