Approaches To Reduce Unsubscribe Rate In Web Push Notification

10 August 2020 By 0 Comments

Web Push Notifications is a powerful tool that you can use in your marketing stack if you want to send automated and personalized messages to customers. However, a complete understanding of the customers’ perception depends on many factors. A key factor in web push notification is the unsubscribe rate. Diminution of the subscription rate is the dominant predicament for web push notifications.

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons users unsubscribe from your blog’s notifications list, and then some solutions to these problems.

Segment Your List

Web push notification segmentation is important because you can provide your subscribers with only the most relevant and personalized content. Targeted notifications moves you toward more thoughtful messaging. In contrast, untargeted notifications are the most common reason for unsubscribing, and sending generic segments to all results in an unsubscribe rate. Moreover, the more specific your segments become, the better you can deliver content. Therefore,  segment your subscribers based on different attributes. (NotificUp Segmentation Feature)

Manage Timing and Frequency of web push notifications

The frequency plays a vital role in the success of the push notification. The unsubscribe rate and frequency of notifications are directly related. The more push notifications you send, the more subscribers will unsubscribe. Because, sending too many notifications is considered spam, that is why unsubscribing takes place. On the other hand, if you send too less, your subscribers can easily forget you. If the frequency is exactly right, your subscribers click on your notification and convert. Therefore, it’s all about getting it right; not too many, not too less, just right.

Web Push Notification Language

Your customers and visitors are spread across different regions and speak different languages. In addition, the adoption and use of regional content is critical to driving Internet adoption around the world. If it is a local business, you should therefore send a notification in the local language. As if this removes the communication barrier for multilingual websites. Otherwise, they will not be able to refer to the notification you are sending and they may unsubscribe your list.

Focus on Better Web Push Notification

Receiving generic and impersonal notification are boring to people and have zero tangible value. You should try powerful features to deliver better notifications such as emoticons, badges, sounds, right time, right message, right language, etc.


The channel of web push is rapidly evolving.There are big benefits to using this channel as another tool in your arsenal to engage the customers engagement. When you get started, add just a few extra elements to your strategy , you’ll experience high performance web push notifications that many times run themselves.