Campaigns To Master Push Notifications

20 April 2019 By 0 Comments

If your subscribers keep receiving the same promotion every few days, they will no longer engage or even block your notifications completely! Some types of notifications may work better than others. If you try them all out, you can identify those who get the best results and make them part of your marketing strategy. In order to plan a robust set of campaigns and master your push notifications, we’ve listed the various push notification campaigns that you can send to your subscribers.

1- Reducing cart abandonment campaigns

One of the most popular campaigns sent using push notifications is reducing cart abandonment. A big number of subscribers abandon cart before making a purchase. As a result, reducing that figure is a simple way to immediately grow your business. Therefore, you should send notifications for reducing cart abandonment promotions to make subscribers act fast and grab your discounts instantly.

2- Promotional campaigns

Inconsistent with associations of this type of campaign with e-commerce, it can be beneficial for any app that notifies customers of discounts, promotions or other promotions. Therefore, craft your push notifications that highlight particular products to directly reach your subscribers and increase its sales.

3- Re-engagement campaigns

Many of your subscribers would be active for a short time and have never purchased from your store. A well-planned, proactive push notification campaign can help keep customer loyalty high and successfully turn them into a customer. For the same reason, send a push campaign that will awaken their curiosity and gets them back into your store.

4- Right content campaigns

The right content is everything. It has to be applicable, interesting and clearly communicated. Owing to their nature, push messages are particularly useful for time-sensitive and location-specific information. But, as a matter of fact, the best push notifications are those that offer the most value to your user. In other words, push messaging platform must enable you to segment your audience based on previous push interactions, personal characteristics, and buyer behavior.  However, the right offer depends entirely on your app type and how you want to engage users. In one word, if you use segmentation as the foundation, you can win campaigns that users actually click.

5- Timing and frequency

Essentially, frequency and timing are two of the most vital factors to consider when planning a push messaging campaign. Overloading the app user with too many messages in any given time frame will result in app deletions and future campaign opt-outs. So, depending on the type of business your app client is running, you can consider the frequency of message delivery.


If you want to explore and try different types of campaigns to boost your push notifications, we suggest you look at the ideas above and apply them to your push notifications. Notificup offers vast types of features to improve your push notifications campaigns.  For more detail, you can click on.