Creative Campaign Ideas to Generate More Revenue

30 April 2019 By

As a marketer, we spend a lot of time and resources in creating content and planning campaigns. For many of us, the ultimate goal is to generate campaign ideas and new leads that ultimately will become paying customers.

Similarly, the majority of companies are in exploration mode and looking for new growth opportunities. A steady stream of leads is important to keeping a business alive. However, it is easier to find original and effective ways to gain and transform qualified leads.

Here are some ideas from experts that can outsmart the crowd and generate more revenue:

1- Sales and Discount

If you alter the selling price of your goods and services, you need to know how that affects your profit margins and sales targets. To successfully complete a sale without loss, you should know your gross margin, and break-even values, and how the discounted price affects your bottom line.

2- Give away coupons & referral bonuses

This is one of the best work strategies every big brand uses to drive revenue. When a user buys something in your store, you offer him a free credit as a coupon for the next purchase. So, you can be connected and encourage the user to buy something within a certain period of time.

2- Cross-selling

Cross-selling is a way to increase sales by proposing an additional product to a customer. When you properly implement a cross-selling campaign, your products automatically become visible to your customers

3- Price drop alert

Although quality is the most important factor in the business, most businesses are price-oriented and customers are price sensitive. The price drop alert extension allows the customers to receive alerts whenever the product is available at a lower price. So, when the store owner lowers the price, the subscribed customers are notified every time.

4- Content campaign

The content campaign is a strategy of producing and publishing of information that builds trust and authority among your ideal customers. With this strategy, you can build a relationship and a community to increase people’s loyalty and interest in your brand. In addition, marketers will recognize you as a thought leader in your brand and increase sales without traditional tactics.

5- Engage users with timely alerts that promote urgency

Another good tactic is the inclusion of images in the ads. The right images can transport the viewer to a specific location and put him in the right frame. An ad should also provide the consumer with options, such as a certain percentage of the normal price as well as higher ticket items for those who inclined to spend more.

6- Personalize your promotions by targeting specific customer groups

eCommerce giants use promotional personalization to overtake their competitors. This means that personalized coupons are sent to specific segments at the right time, and that pre-calculated, cart-level discounts for up-selling will eventually increase average order value.
However, one-to-one personalization only works when the system collects and analyzes data in real time.

7- Creative campaigns

In addition to regular campaigns, you can run a special campaign on special occasions. The purpose of these campaigns is to offer different packages to make the event special. This more likely increases the average order value.

8- Re-engage with Cart abandonment users

Re-engaging with a cart abandoner provides an opportunity to resonate with someone who has expressed interest in your products. Running push notification cart abandonment campaign to re-engage with users will help to drive revenue and boost your retention rate.

Final thoughts

In this blog post, we explained some creative ideas for sales promotion. We believe that application and taking into account the aforementioned ideas will increase your revenue and attract more customers. In addition, we are very interested in any feedback from you. Please comment and let us know how you run effective promotions that keep customers coming back!

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