Driving Targeted Traffic to Website

15 May 2019 By

Targeted traffic refers to websites that provide qualified sales to sellers. These are people who purposely visit a website via a link that determines a visitor’s needs before clicking on it. You may have a very desirable product, but if you do not do good, targeted traffic, your business is as if it is not there. Instead, even if you have few visitors to your site, you can be successful when they are ready to buy. This is better than landing more visitors and leaving immediately as they are not interested in what you sell.

In order to increase your marketing traffic, we are going to outline some of the most common tactics for driving highly targeted traffic.

1- Join Online Communities

Online ads can instantly generate hundred of clicks to your website. However, if you want to drive traffic through search engines using online ads, it’s important to know in advance how to make money from this traffic. Therefore, don’t underestimate the value of a link in the right place. Post on forums to find online communities in your industry and search for people associated with your business. Each channel is an opportunity to reach people with specific interests.
Once you’ve built a reputation and made authentic connections in communities, you can share a link with your business.

2- Leverage Social Media Platforms

With a new ad and social media platform that appears and renews regularly, it will be easier than ever to show your ads to the right people. You probably do not have bottomless money, so your media platform must be effective. You need to find a way to generate an ROI from your ads if you want to promote sustainable long term.

According to accredit research, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks with the most diverse user base. Therefore, a variety of brands can use Facebook’s targeting options to reach their ideal customers. You can use the Facebook-liked pages as a foundation to create ideal buyer profiles that determine who reaches your ads.

In addition, Instagram advertising, Pinterest marketing, and Google ads are other similar channels that you should not miss to post your ads.

3-  A/B Testing

You should try as many different traffic sources as possible to get relevant search terms and track your results. Searching for Internet traffic through other sources will give you an excellent return on your investment. Paid traffic methods, including social media, are forcing many visitors to earn much more money than they spend on advertising.

Keep in mind that you want to bring targeted, ready-to-use customers to your website so as not to attract random traffic to your site.

4- Creating Unique and Engaging Website Content

When it comes to your SEO advancements, unique content that is ideally supported by user interaction is a great advantage. Hence, in order to add real value to your audience, you need to deliver unique and exciting content that resonates with customers. You should not follow the crowd, but you need to create a unique mixture of news and trends in your industry . If you do not attract attention, your audience has no reason to favor you over a competitor.

5- Automated LinkedIn Messages

Submitting an introductory message to each new LinkedIn connection adds a personal touch and increases the likelihood that users will click on your URL.

Also,sending a weekly summary on LinkedIn and other platforms will also impact your website traffic. You can copy and paste sections of your weekly newsletter to avoid unnecessary work.


Website traffic is a sure way to boost your income and the more targeted is your traffic, the easier it’ll be to convert visitors into customers. However, it  is not easy to win an audience. If you want to bring more qualified leads to your website, you need to be strategic.

Use these targeted traffic tactics to build your business community. There are  many other similar posts in our website.  Don’t hesitate to contact us should there be any question in this regard.