eCommerce Conversion Checkout Page Mistakes

15 April 2019 By 0 Comments

The checkout page is most important for conversions, yet many eCommerce companies make serious mistakes before they win customers. It may sound ridiculous, but there are still many companies that are guilty of the basic eCommerce conversion checkout page mistakes. Even if these issues seem small, they can kill your business single-handedly.

In this blog post, we’ve listed some of these bugs that often skip attention of the marketers as they develop the checkout page. If you are able to drive appropriate traffic to your site, but conversions continue to suffer, you may be experiencing one of these mistakes. Let’s look them out:

1- Limited Payment Options

There are a variety of payment methods associated with the proliferation of eCommerce and providing multiple payment options is obviously more convenient for online shoppers. Moreover, payment preference is one amongst the ample factors that can make or break the user experience.  Therefore, in order to improve the conversion rate for your payment pages, you must accept the usual means of payment such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and others.


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2- Lack of Security Seals

Ensuring the security of your eCommerce is essential for a variety of reasons, and almost all consumers are wary of entering financial and personal information online, especially in the wake of so many security breaches. Hence, you need to pave the way to an order for your potential customers, and security seals that have the highest levels of encryption can convince your visitors that you respect their privacy and concerns.

3- No Guest Checkout Options

Although registration is great for you, you can provide targeted information to every visitor who claims their profile. However, forcing your visitors to register before making a purchase makes the transaction process even longer and more complicated. In addition, it forces customers to commit to something they do not want to commit to.

Furthermore, giving new customers the opportunity to complete purchase without creating an account is one of the possibilities of retention. This is one of the main reasons for the abandoned cart. So,you should not force visitors to create an account is annoying and a terrible idea. Instead, you should encourage the registration at later times for easier purchases, but do not stop the sale until you have received this information.

4- Not Removing The Unnecessary Form Fields

The lengthy procedures and the unnecessary fields contribute to the frustration that follows by abandonment. The checkout page should focus on routing customers to the payment gateway. So you need to remove the extra fields from this page.
On the other hand, one of the ways to deal with the frustration and annoyance of visitors is to expand your store with a one-page checkout. Therefore, reduce the time consumption and number of steps and you will see the difference.

5- Lack of Delivery Options

Not all customers want the same in terms of delivery and fulfillment. It’s pretty clear that you also do not want to lose business due to a discrepancy between the shipping method and your customer’s preferred method of receiving. Some would like their package to be delivered as fast as possible regardless of the cost. whether others do not mind having to wait a few days longer while shipping is free. On the other hand, still others want to have a say in when, where and how their products are delivered. As a matter of fact, it is almost impossible to meet all the needs of your customers. However, you certainly want to offer a variety of options that will not limit your profit margin.


All in all, your eCommerce checkout page is the most important part of your online store. You cannot win sales and grow your business if you cannot get consumers to convert. On the other hand, overlooking the shopper’s point of view is the biggest mistake and making the checkout process painless is one of the ways to tweak to the end of your funnel. There are many ways to make the checkout process appealing, but the best way is to identify the needs and requirements of the end user. Therefore, you should always analyze the key metrics in the checkout page appeared above to improve your sites.

After the above mistakes have been fixed, your eCommerce business is ready to go! If you miss even one of these mistakes, it may affect your bottom line. So be careful and provide a safe, comfortable and transparent sales process for all visitors to your online store.

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