Smart Features to Drive Customer Engagement & Growth

From a small boutique to a large business, we cater to every need. We’ve put no limits on the number of subscribers your store can gain and we’re constantly building new features to ensure you are fully equipped to market your store and earn more revenue.

Smart Web Push Notification

An smart notification service describes the various techniques that can be used to create push messages in real time, such as push notifications. However, sending alerts regardless of utility or urgency causes many users to ignore or disable them. Our system is an intelligent e-commerce universal service that allows you to prevent unnecessary notifications, and send only relevant campaigns at the ideal times.

Segmentation Web Push Notification

Notification segmentation is referred to the aggregation of potential customers into segmented groups with common needs. Our system is able to intelligently subdivide a market based on unique properties and key features and prioritize your target groups. It empowers you to categorize your audiences based on events like  location, device type, specific click, and much more.

Abandoned Cart Web Push Notification

Abandonment is referred to visitors who add items to their online shopping cart, but exit without completing the purchase. Notificup is an intelligent e-commerce universal service that lets you reduce the number of people who abandon their shopping cart. It offers the easiest way for e-commerce marketers to turn abandoned carts into profit.

Price Drop Web Push Notification

Our price drop notification service alerts the customers whenever the product is available at a lower price. Our service offers many options including notification of price drops, and there is no limits on the number of subscribers.

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Back in Stock Web Push Notification

Our back in stock notification service can send out notifications as an update to your customers as soon as a sold-out product is available again. It is an intelligent e-commerce platform and brings customers back to business with the off-store notifications of your particular products.

Bulk Web Push Notification

It lets you schedule and instantly send unlimited relevant bulk push notifications with a simple click of a button to your entire user base.It also determines the best time to send notifications.  As a result, this adds value to your business by boosting your click through rates, opening rates, steering more local traffic, and reinforcing user engagement.