How web push notifications realize highly targeted campaigns?

11 August 2020 By 0 Comments

With all the opportunities push notifications possess, they appears to be the perfect match for your ideal campaign.  Any web push notification service offers specific features to create different segments of the subscribers and sends a particular notification to that segment only. There are several web push notifications services to realize a highly targeted push notifications campaign.

In this paper, we will discuss the reasons why web push notifications offer individual and highly targeted services:

1- No need for sharing personal information

Majority of users are reluctant to subscribe to your email newsletters. It is because they fear the misuse of their email addresses and other personal information. While web push notifications can completely eliminate this fear by allowing users to subscribe to notifications without sharing individual personal information.

2- Web push notifications are easy to subscribe and unsubscribe

Unlike emails, you can send push notifications only to users who choose to receive them from your blog. In addition, users do not need to complete a newsletter subscription to receive notifications about their latest publications. Instead, they can simply enable it to get your web push notifications from the web browser.

3- Push notifications are free from spam filters

One of the major drawbacks of email and SMS is that they are vulnerable to spam filters. It’s pretty clear that, inconsistent with push notifications, emails and SMS are not well-targeted. For the same reason, most e-mails and SMS do not even reach the inbox of the target user. Emails are instead subject to the spam folders, SMS are subject to the DND or DNC services selected by the users.

4- Ability to get micro-personalized

In services other than web push notifications like Email, However, segments are generally limited to fundamental segments (Gender, Time-zone, Age group etc.) So, it does not allow creating micro-personalized segments. Whether, Push notification allows subscribers to create numerous custom segments to ensure only interested users receive your notifications. These are in addition to the fundamental segments like those of emails, like targeting users entering in a particular geographical location, called as Geo-fencing.

5. Targeting readers based on Geo-location

Segmenting users by location is a great way for bloggers to use Geo-location sensors in mobile devices to send location-based notifications easily. This is one of the major benefits of push notifications. While email uses static Geo-location or time zone detection, web push notifications use dynamic location discovery as users move with their mobile device or tablet. For the same reason, Geo-fencing is more stable on push notifications than e-mail notifications.

6- Presenting visual messages

Text-based notifications are not as efficient as messages that contain relevant images, and visual messages are always a better way to submit messages. Because, they motivate customer readiness and a relevant banner image in your blog post will certainly improve click through rates.

7- All-platform targeting

Web-push notifications can be sent to all those devices which support web-browsers, like computer, smartphone, tablet, or even smartwatch. It goes without saying, that all-platform targeting is definitely beneficial for bloggers. Because, you can always feed your content to the relevant users. Moreover, you won’t have to spend extra on developing a mobile app for each platform to feed the push notifications.

Final thoughts

considering the benefits of electronic communication in the business and the widespread use of smartphones and laptops, a cross-platform medium like as web push notification is undoubtedly a critical option for distributing content across all platforms.

Unlike with emails, you can use web push notification deliver, erase, and produce some spontaneous results in the real-time. Also, there is no limit to the utilization of web-based push alerts and there is always a scope for innovation with this tool.

Regarding the above particulars, we strongly recommend that you use the push notification to distribute your messages to your customers. You can refer to Notificup for more detail.