Lead Generation Strategies for eCommerce

30 April 2019 By

Lead generation describes the marketing process in which the interest in a product or service to develop a sales pipeline is stimulated and gained. This is achieved when the visitor either signs up for the service or requests more information, usually by entering their contact information on the website. Generating leads is of the easiest ways to increase revenue for your eCommerce store, as today’s leads are potential customers of tomorrow.

On the other hand, in your eCommerce store, profits that are positively related to sales can be the most important purposes, as they are essential to the survival of your business. In other words, the higher you can increase your sales volume, the more you can maximize your profits. Therefore, lead generation can be of great interest to your business.

This article describes the  the most effective lead generation strategies that you can use to get qualified leads for your eCommerce site.

1- Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of lead generation in e-commerce. Most people consider SEO as a traffic generation strategy. However, if you optimize your content in the right way, more of the right people will visit your site.

2- Use Gated Content

Make content less accessible until visitors log in. This works well for webinars and training videos as well as reports, checklists, and cheat sheets. That’s why gating your content is such an effective e-commerce lead generation strategy.

3- Nurture leads with live chat

When visitors stagger about your lead generation offer, live chat can help them decide. In fact, a report by experts shows that live chat is also a powerful tool for wining sales.

4- Optimize your site for mobile conversions

Your site should be mobile-friendly, so visitors can quickly find what they want. Because more and more people are using mobile devices to look for the products, services and companies they might be most likely to lead. Therefore, you must pay special attention to this area in order to achieve effective e-commerce lead generation.

5- Make a Time-Sensitive Offer

When a lead generation offer is about to run out, it suddenly becomes more attractive. We want it more because we are so wired.  Using urgency and the fear of missing out as an e-commerce lead generation strategy is practically guaranteed to pay off.

6- Optimize CTAs for eCommerce lead generation

CTA is one of the most important elements of a marketing campaign. In order to direct visitors to take the next step, you should demonstrate the benefits of taking action, using action words, urgency , or scarcity.


Lead generation is very important for the growth of a business, but it is not always easy. You can not convert every visitor who has landed on your site. There is a lot of competition, so you do not want to give your leads time to compare, but focus on the intent and needs of the visitor.

Most importantly, you should never stop testing every element of your website. Review the user behavior reports and make the appropriate changes.

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