Price Drop Alert Push Notifications

14 April 2019 By 0 Comments

As per the eCommerce marketing strategy, pricing is a very effective thing to improve sales rate optimization. When it comes to price, the marketer has all the powers to apply various approaches to survive in eCommerce comparison era. Price drop alert push notifications allow the customers to receive alerts whenever a product is available at a lower price. So, when the marketer lowers the price, the subscribed customers are notified every time.

Additionally, price drop alert push notifications should be crisp, creative and concise in nature, and convey the information to the users in a fraction of seconds.

Advantages of Price Drop Alert Push Notifications

The price drop alert notifications enable the customers to get the latest updates about the prices. In other words, they allow your valuable customers to receive notification whenever the product amount reduces to the original price. They won’t have to keep on visiting the store every time. Since you will be informing your customers about the prices. So, the products will be sold out at a much faster rate.

In order to profoundly interpret price drop alert push notifications, let’s focus on an example. Assume that you have decided to book a flight ticket through a travel agency, i.e. , you are gonna book a ticket at  FlightNetwork agency.  This agency has announced its new price as:

All Economy Class Flights:

If you’ve purchased a Flight at $500(before taxes) and the base price drops to $250(before taxes), you can grab that deal and we’ll give you $250 Price Drop Protection™ Dollars to spend on any new Flight, Hotel, Vacation, or Insurance booking. Your protection per person is unlimited and you can grab a deal up until the time your flight departs.

Therefore, regarding the price drop alert push notifications features, their customers will get all useful information before attending the travel agency. These notifications will encourage them to book the ticket through this agency and consequently, their sales rate will be increased. Additionally, it will save their time.  


To keep in mind the importance of the particulars above,  you can refer to notificup which allows your customer to subscribe drop price notification.  By using its features, your customers will be kept informed about your products. As a result, you can have more number of subscribed customers and Improvement in sales.

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