Reasons Why People Block Push Notifications

23 April 2019 By 0 Comments

Push notifications are great ways to communicate with your app users, but only if you can use them properly. People block push notifications when they lack in terms of value and relevance to the user and annoy them. This is the fundamental line of all reasons why people block push notifications on their smartphones and web browsers.

Regarding the priorities, we are gonna address the key types of push messages that encourage people to withdraw from them:

Non action-oriented Message and lacking direct benefit to the users

A non action-oriented and unlimited text notification does not provide a direct benefit to the user. It simply adds the messages to the list which are read once and forgotten in the following second. Mostly they are barely received and only exchanged to clear the scoreboard. In order to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack, you practice writing messages that convince the user to take an action by providing him a clear advantage that he’ll derive from the offer.  In one word, for maintaining the proper delivery of marketing goals, a notification text should contain suitable character limit. So that you can condense it into a small package.

Irrelevant notifications

Any kind of notification in the market requires its own time to send push notifications. If you do not care about the time to send notifications to your audience, you can stop your push campaigns and disable push notifications. Therefore, you should set the optimal frequency of your notifications for the correct subdivision of the audience into different demographics, time zones and in-app behavior. It also has to consider the type of notification that relates solely to your products, services and industry.

Wrong timed notifications

Timing is almost everything and plays a vital role in push notification. Websites should be particular that each time zone receives the message at an appropriate time. A non-timed message will both fail to acquire the attention and will annoy the user. On the other hand, push notifications require immediate response from consumers. If they can not capture them in real time, they will either delete them in the bulk with other notifications in the list or will swap them off. Therefore, pushing without considering the optimal delivery time will result in a higher churn rate and overlooking the accurate time would just annoy customers and compel to opt out of the notifications. Hence, they should be delivered at appropriate times.

Click-rate Isn’t the Only Metric You Should Track

The most immediate metric that comes to mind when thinking about web site push notifications is CTR. However, if you only track how many people clicked on your notification, you’ll miss the actual conversions and the value created by your push notification campaigns. On the other hand, since a large number of users still find push messages to be relevant and helpful, communicating a real content is far more important. This results in the notifications that contain authentic information for effective user engagement. As the Internet is also characterized by rouge practices like click-baiting, it is extremely important to understand that push notifications are merely mean to receive a click through.Therefore, you should focus heavily on the business goals and website actions that you consider most important. That’s the only way to tell if site push notifications are working for you or not.

Targeting wrong demographic

The consideration of the specific customer personas remains a very critical concern for an effective push notification strategy. Targeting the wrong demographic group of users will not accomplish the purpose and it is imperative to identify the appropriate audience for receiving your push notifications.

If you do not use personalized push messages, your pings will be irrelevant and irritating. This would encourage customers to block push notifications of trouble. As a result, customers must use the push notification services and tools that provide a more segmented approach to pinging. A powerful demographic analytics tool for subscribers helps them create personalized content that does not stop push notifications.

Final thoughts

Website push notifications are powerful tools to communicate with your audience in real time and at a very personalized level. Knowing the aforesaid particulars is critical if you want to maintain a dedicated subscriber base and receive more clicks and business results out of web push notifications.

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