Scheduling the best time for Web Push Notifications

27 November 2019 By

Web Push Notifications provide a unique mechanism for increasing the effectiveness of real-time information delivery systems. However, notifications that demand users’ attention at inopportune moments are more likely to have adverse effects. They might become a cause of potential disruption rather than proving beneficial to users. In order to address these challenges, a variety of notification mechanisms based on timing optimization should be proposed. The goal of such mechanisms will be maximizing users’ receptivity to the delivered information. 

This article provides an overview of web push notifications mechanisms focusing on timing optimization that relies on the increasing engagement indexes. More specifically, we discuss the existing challenges and opportunities in scheduling time for sending messages. We are confident that it will be guiding you towards creating a successful marketing campaign powered by web push notifications.

Importance of sending web push notifications in a timely manner

Let’s outline some of the common reasons in short:

1- Increasing the deliverability rate

2- Increasing the CTR.

3- Maximizing engagement.

4- In order not to annoy users and not to turn into spam


Scheduling The Best Time

Generally speaking, the best time of sending notifications depends on your industry type. There is no right answer to the right time or number of web push notifications you can send in a day. For example: for food website, the best time would be around the breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner hours. Likewise, for education website: best time would be in the evening when their target customers (primarily students/working professionals) would be free. Similarly for other industries, notifications sent on right time is one of the prime factor for higher Click Rates.

Therefore, in order to come up with the optimum time to send notifications, you need a complete insight of your users and to know when they are most active.  Accordingly, you can then plan to get send your notifications. Undoubtedly, optimization of time scheduling will lead to bringing the users back to your website and increase their engagement with you.

Along the timing, there are other critical factors which can affect the success rate of your notifications like title, content, landing page and others. These issues can affect the timing factor on their own.

At the same time, regarding a few other factors and proven tips will certainly help you to improve your success rate on notifications. They are not independent from timing factor. But they seriously affect it. Let’s outlines some of the common issues:

1- Focusing on your campaign for web push notifications

2- Understanding user behavior

3- Sending concrete, crisp, concise messages

4- Sending highly targeted, and personalized web push notification

5- Analysis Web Push Campaign Performance: you can find more information and similar posts on


Reminding users to return to your website at the right time is critical. Your users will have the highest likelihood to re-engage in your platform if you choose the best time features. By paying careful attention to the particulars above, you can determine the optimal time to send a message to each user based on when they are most likely to act.