Segmentation is an essential part of push notifications strategy for every site and you can incredibly increase your click rates using segmentation. In order to get higher engagement rates, you should create push notification campaign for specific segments and segment subscribers in web push notifications. It will help you to analyze the push notification campaign and promote subscribers rate.

In this paper, we decode some features to get a web push garner maximum engagement. Here under the highlighted features for segmentation are indicated:

Segment Subscribers in Web Push Notifications

Language and Location

You can segment the push notification subscribers based on their country, state and city Level details.  This data is at the time of subscription of the users and can help you create any geo segments. You can try it either by sending in Time Zone of the customer or by sending Local Offers.

Segmentation based on push subscriber registration date

You can send a notification to a set of people who subscribed during the certain duration.

Segmentation based time of registration

You can segment users at the time of subscription and ask the user at the same time to choose which type of notifications he/she would like to receive. Accordingly, the user will be segmented into your account.

Segmentation Based on Site Actions

Segmentation subscribers in web push notifications using API call is the most flexible and allows you to add segments based on any actions on your site.

Automatic segmentation Based on URL

Segmentation subscribers in web push notifications based on the page URL allows you to specify a URL pattern to look for. This makes the process of adding a user to segment very easy and you could make as many custom segments as you like.

Targeting users during the daytime

More subscribers are in front of their laptops during daytime as they are at work. Hence, a smart targeting would be to send a message to all “Desktop” subscribers, includes laptops and desktop, during daytime, as that is where most of your subscribers may be present.

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