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Scheduling the best time for Web Push Notifications

27 November 2019

Web Push Notifications provide a unique mechanism for increasing the effectiveness of real-time information delivery systems. However, notifications that demand users’ attention…

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MarketingWeb Push Notification

Advantages of Using Automated Web Push Notification

9 October 2019

Automated Web Push Notification is simply a push notification that is automatically sent via triggers based on specific criteria and is going to be…

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Driving Targeted Traffic to Website

15 May 2019

Targeted traffic refers to websites that provide qualified sales to sellers. These are people who purposely visit a website via a link…

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Strategies for Creating a High-Converting Landing Pages

14 May 2019

Landing pages are the tools that allows brands to adapt to each user, creating relevant and positive impressions for each individual involved…

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Lead Generation Strategies for eCommerce

30 April 2019

Lead generation describes the marketing process in which the interest in a product or service to develop a sales pipeline is stimulated…

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Cross-Selling Benefits to eCommerce

27 April 2019

One of the triggering push notification campaigns to increase sales is the cross-sell push notification campaign. Cross-selling is a way to increase…

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Reasons Why People Block Push Notifications

23 April 2019 0 Comments

Push notifications are great ways to communicate with your app users, but only if you can use them properly. People block push…

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Possible Reasons Negatively Influencing eCommerce Conversion Rate

22 April 2019 0 Comments

Conversion rate is a key performance indicator for online businesses and it is crucial to generate more revenue and grow. However, a…

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Campaigns To Master Push Notifications

20 April 2019 0 Comments

If your subscribers keep receiving the same promotion every few days, they will no longer engage or even block your notifications completely!…

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Comprehensive Approaches to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

18 April 2019 0 Comments

Before proceeding, let’s define cart abandonment: shopping cart abandonment is when a potential customer starts a check out process for an online…