The Highest Performance Web Push Campaign Strategies for Browse Abandonment

18 August 2020 By 0 Comments

Browse abandonment occurs when visitors land on your website, navigates past the homepage through to specific products, or category pages. But they leave the site without adding anything to their cart. You can recover the users and retarget them using Push Notifications in NotificupThere are many tools for an eCommerce website to address the browser users. However, push notification allows you to select them in real-time in your browser.

Compared to the cart abandonment campaign, the browse abandonment automation campaign can impact a much large set of your customers.

One of the basic criteria in designing campaigns is to define the amount of eligible customers that is large enough while satisfying customers with your push notifications. Once you have defined this criterion, you’ll need to determine the duration and frequency of your web push notifications

Designing Campaign for Browse Abandonment

To set up a notification to run a campaign, you must first identify the root cause of your browser’s abandonment.  According to research over the eCommerce sites, the main reasons can be summarized in some issues that cause users to leave your site after product searches. Let’s address your concerns as part of the Web Push Notification campaign.

1-Motivate your customers by offering a discount or an advantage

You can offer your customer an advantage to complete the purchase. However, make sure that you only do this for selected customers. But if you offer discount to all the customers who give up, they may get used to seeing the discount and stop browsing the product to take advantage of the discount.

2- Product Availability

If a customer is looking for a color or size that is not available in your product at this time, you’ll need to set the customer’s behavior and send a push notification when the size or color becomes available.

3- Basic reminder notification

If a customer is forced to another activity while he is searching for a product he wants to buy, he may leave the browser. Therefore, we can first try to remind the user that he has used this product, and he may want to review it again. You can also use urgency for users to consider your product.

4- Cross – Sell Notification

Cross-Sells notifications are a great way to boot your profits. More important, however, is the intelligence behind it. They cast a wide net, and even if the customer has already purchased the product elsewhere, can help you increase the conversion rate. Depending on what the customer has browsed , you can offer different product variants or an associated product. For example: if someone in your shop buys blue pants, chances are they are interested in white linen shirts or blue blazers. If you redeem this opportunity at the right time, your cross-sales revenue would be higher.

5- Price Guarantee

Offering a price guarantee for your product is a great message that you can underpin with push notifications. You can inform the user that there are no hidden costs or additional costs for the displayed information. In order to have so many satisfied customers, you should offer low prices and helpful customer service. In addition, you must stand behind your promise.

6- Real-Time Customer support

Time is everything in customer service. For an e-commerce site that wants to keep the user, the simplest and easiest way is to have the right customer service. Valuing customers’ time is the most important thing a brand could do to provide strong service. According to the statistics, the faster your support service is, the better your brand will be. If you answer the users’ questions and doubts in a timely manner, chances are they will return to your website. If you offer real-time customer support, you can send a notification that offers the customer free advice on purchasing products. You can then land users directly in Live Customer Support Chat.

To summary

Brow abandonment notifications is a timely and relevant way to instantly connect with potential customers and push them down the path to buying. They are great complements to any customer lifestyle strategy and make your website stickier, generate traffic, and help you build an strong relationship with customers.

Using our platform and its policies, you can benefit all of the tactics, as well as the approaches described above, to bring the abandoned customers back to your website, increasing the conversion rate of your web site.