Tips for Rich Push Notifications Success

14 April 2019 By 0 Comments

Rich push notifications are text messages with rich media attachments. They include multiple options for how the user to interact with the notification such as images and buttons. They enable you to expand your arsenal and communicate with your app users in a more creative and interactive way. With these enhanced notifications, it’s also possible to add video, audio files, and maps and show where users’ orders are from within your e-commerce app, further enhancing your overall engagement strategy.

This article describes the tips for enriching push notifications. It will enable you to create rich notifications with significant features and get tips for success in using push notifications.


In order to engage users with instant rich contents, an application may want to push beyond plain text. These notifications promote user interactions and present content such as URLs, sounds, images/coupons, and more. Images are the best way to convey your message quickly and should be created for better and faster understanding.  Adding images to your push notifications will not only make them attractive, but will add context for the audience, increase comprehension, and increase the possibilities of triggering an emotion.

Additionally, sending users contextual information about their business adds a personalized element to their relationship with your brand. It makes their experience less stressful and more enjoyable by keeping them informed throughout their business. Context really is the holy grail of push notifications, and messages with relevant content can improve open rates.


Personalization has a significant impact on open rates and initiates a one-to-one interview instead of putting the user at the end of a generic explosion. Its opportunities are vast and can be executed in a number of ways, such as an action item, language, life cycle, real-time location, and more. The results of personalized content are created by the fact that every user feels engaged. That is why users are most likely to open push notifications that contain personalized content. Users, who receive a generic message at an inopportune time, may reject it without further thought. However, users, who receive a message tailored to a relevant action item during an inopportune time, may be waiting for a better time to open the message. By sending personalized messages, you can improve retention more than other notifications.

Relevance and Color Psychology

A picture is worth than a thousand words“. All notifications work well with visually appealing content. Attractive and relevant images can have a great impact on your user and uplift conversion rate. But, in order for your audience to connect with your mentality, you need to know about color psychology and make a push notification strategy accordingly. You should use colors to stimulate emotions and make sure it resonates with your message. Using the thumbnail feature, well-selected animated images, and videos to push notifications, you can send your push notification to all users and give them reasons to love your message. These features allow you to interact with the brand without ever opening the app. You also use them as a convenient entry point for users to engage with an app.

Final Thoughts

Rich attachments make your push notifications more interesting and engaging. They have the ability to embed images and action buttons.  Additionally, they allow you to bring content outside your app and eliminate a consumption barrier. If you use to send push notifications properly and choose right strategy, they will enable you to generate excitement from your customers, and convert into sales on demand without having to rely on third parties or paid marketing. As a result, by creating meaningful and memorable experiences for your customers, engagement rate will increase and drive more conversions.

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