Tips to Dramatically Improve Blogging Productivity

22 April 2019 By

First and foremost, keep in mind that the blogging productivity does not mean the number of actions taken. Instead, the effectiveness behind your production means everything. Therefore, you should focus on the concept of leverage and be productive to reach as many interested people as possible.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some tips to help you figure out how to improve productivity to boost blog traffic, increase blogging profits, and support a lot of people.

1- Write Down Tasks

Creating a schedule list is always what miracles should do to increase your productivity. Writing down all required tasks may be the best option to stay organized. When you start with the most important task, it should be helpful to increase your productivity. Therefore, you should never exceed a schedule list. On the contrary, you have to be realistic and that would be the right way to succeed. In one word, choosing a schedule list app can make the task a lot easier.

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2- Time-Management

Time management is a crucial factor for accomplishing any job. On a given day, you have to complete various tasks. For the same reason, if you set a schedules for things, you can do every task efficiently. In addition, you should prioritize things and end them one by one.

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3-  Avoid Distractions

Distractions are among the most common causes of blogging productivity issues. They’re especially common when you need to sit on your laptop and do online research for your next post, but the place you write may also distract you if you’re not careful.  Of course, there are many other distraction factors that should be avoided. For example, while blogging, you should opt out of social media and disable your emails.

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4- Use Productivity Tools

Tools and web apps play an important role in human life. There are countless tools to help you in blogging and they can streamline or automate certain tasks to save your time. However, you should be sure that you are only testing one tool at a time to see how it affects your productivity and to judge its effectiveness. If you try too many tools at the same time, it will likely hinder your productivity than improving it.

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5- Outsource The Tasks

Delegating or outsourcing the tasks can be another way to be productive. Blogging can take a lot of work and sometimes it’s not a good idea to do it all on your own. Rather, it can be a good idea if you can get another team member to work with you.

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As a matter of fact, hiring a capable freelancer can be a good option. Clearly speaking, if you want to optimize the look of your website, it would be a wiser decision to hire someone who is an expert in web design skills.

Furthermore, if you are facing any downtime with your blog, it would be wiser to outsource the solution rather than trying it yourself. In fact, you would spend unnecessary time in the tutorials, while the experts can do it immediately.


Blogging may not be as easy as it seems. In fact, you have to do a lot of hard work. In order to be able to cultivate a website, of course, it has to be productive and without distractions. If you use the productivity tips listed above, you can better promote your blogging career.

Therefore,  plan, set goals and schedules, and use productivity tools to boost your blog. If you need more information, visit our website and discover a lot of useful posts!