Web Push Notifications Strategies to Boost User Engagement

23 February 2019 By 0 Comments

Web push notifications are a great way to boost user engagement with your app on a regular basis. If you’re trying to promote your website or increase customer engagement rate,  you will certainly try web push notification as one of your prime marketing strategy. By implementing the right strategy, you can boost user engagement and retain existing users for more conversion. The key is to find the right cadence so that notifications are neither too sparse nor too frequent. The more a user is exposed to your app, the more sticky it becomes.

Personalizing the messages in web push notifications

Personalizing the messages in web push notifications creates more confidential information and give more impact than the regular one. They convince the customers to be more responsive to messages that make them unique rather than being part of a large customer pool.  Therefore, you should first try to understand the personal data and behavior of your subscribers before engaging them into your content. Segment them and customize your notification to their interests.As a result, a customized push notification can lead to more engagement and even a higher conversion rate.

The Opt-In Prompt

Opt-in messages are messages that prompt users to enable features such as text messages, push notifications, or location data. They are the most important of all the notifications you will ever send. However, enabling Web push notifications by your users can be a complicated and vital process. Because it determines the conversion of a first-time visitor into a subscriber. Therefore, you should send a catchy and responsive message with the best argument to let users know why they should enable their push notifications. Make  sure you address your users with care and skill. This certainly increases the number of opt-ins.


One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make when using web push notifications is the blind call of customers, regardless of their context. You had better contrive an authorization request on your platform. From there, you can use it to inform users about the value of accepting notifications. As a matter of fact, when you ask for permission to send push notifications to customers, you try to manipulate them, and you will essentially get your web push service to agree to a large request.


All push notifications are not the same and convenience is the top priority for every person. You need to make sure that push notifications are issued at the right time of day for your specific audience. Therefore, it’s important to send push notifications when your users are most likely active and already on their phone. Depending on the customer, always try to find the best time of the day and hour for sending push notifications. Do not send too often and do not wait too long. They will forget who you are and feel disconnected when contacting them again.


Push notifications are a tested and proven way to get users into your app and benefit from it for business. They are important in keeping users connected to the app they are downloading and as loyal app users. Use this opportunity to take your business to the next level through Notificup